Mobilizing Agents

Evaluation of Stem Cell Mobilizing Agents

Recruitment of hematopoietic stem & progenitor cells from the bone marrow into peripheral blood following treatment with an agent (small molecule, cytokine or other biologic) is known as “mobilization”.

Although mobilized peripheral blood (MPB) has higher T cell content compared to bone marrow, and hence higher risk of graft-versus-host disease, the benefits of transplantation with MPB stem cells include reduced infectious complications, faster engraftment, enhanced immune reconstitution and shorter hospitalization with reduced costs. Additionally, some mobilizing agents have the potential to be used in patients where blood counts remain very low following chemotherapy or transplantation. Therefore, there is considerable interest in finding and characterizing new and better mobilization agents.

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  • Assess the kinetics of your mobilizing agent [hours or days]
  • Compare your compound with known standards [G-CSF or AMD3100]


Typical Services for Evaluation of Mobilizing Agents:

ReachBio provides a full complement of assays to evaluate stem cell mobilizing agents.  We accept mobilized peripheral blood products from human, NHP or mouse treated subjects and assess those samples for:

  • CD34+ analysis and immune cell phenotypes via flow cytometry (link to Flow cytometry page when ready),

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