ReachBio Research Labs provides primary cell biology based contract research services and products to the drug development and life science research communities. 


With expertise encompassing many aspects of primary cell biology and a special focus on hematopoietic (blood and bone marrow) primary cell systems, ReachBio Research Labs works with customers and clients involved in basic research through multiple areas of pre-clinical and clinical drug development.

Our platform is extensive and includes predictive and investigative toxicology, efficacy testing, cell bank development, biomarker selection, flow cytometry/cell sorting, assay development and much more.



ReachBio Research Labs is not your typical CRO as our focus is offering customized ‘solution’ based services to our clients. Our use of primary cell systems provides for more predictable and clinically relevant assays, impacting internal decision making and providing new mechanistic insights. This all requires good communication, attention to detail and a flexible approach with clients to ensure projects stay on track and are well executed.  We adopt this approach with each client and have been successfully working with a wide range of commercial and non-commercial life-science organizations worldwide.




ReachBio Research Labs’ extensive knowledge and use of primary cell products allows us to confidently provide high quality primary cells from bone marrow, peripheral blood and cord blood.  Our background in stem cell biology further underscores our ability to offer specialized media products for hematopoietic (ColonyGEL™) and mesenchymal cell culture with the technical expertise to fully support these products. Additionally, we understand the need for customized cell products (special donor criteria, alternate cell preparation, etc.) and media formats without the ‘customized price’ and therefore strive to meet our customers’ unique demands.


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